Ford SYNC Has Integrated 911 and GPS

Ford has integrated the SYNC system with 911 for emergency assistance that also identifies a vehicles location.  The cool thing about this is that the service is free and with the new and improved 911 Assist you can expect better accuracy, all you need is a Bluetooth enabled phone.

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This service is very attractive especially since the OnStar product has a subscription model.  One might certainly jump to conclusions though, if they are giving it away for free does that mean I’ll be advertised to in some way while in my vehicle?

I’m not going to speculate but cars have an enormous opportunity to guide people to a transaction, whether it be a carry out order called in or any time saving or preorder type scenarios.

Its really going to be interesting to watch as these manufacturers start integrating technology and which ones are careful not to try and advertise or bother people with such things.

“Unlike competitive offerings that require customers to subscribe and pay a monthly fee for such accident assistance, Ford 911 Assist remains a nonsubscription-based, no-cost feature of the SYNC system that uses a customer’s existing mobile phone. The fee-free service is available in both the U.S. and Canada.

When the feature is turned on and a phone is Bluetooth-paired to SYNC, 911 Assist can make a call directly to a local emergency operator in the event of an accident involving the activation of an airbag or emergency fuel pump shutoff. With the GPS capabilities, the system is designed to not only alert the operator that a crash has occurred in a Ford vehicle, but to give the operator the option to retrieve the vehicle’s GPS coordinates. The call is fast, direct, and doesn’t involve a separate call center or intermediary.”  Read More at TheFordStory

Soon everything you can think of will be just a voice command away, and here’s one I’d like - “cut grass”.

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