Rise and Fall of the Auto Industry - Richard Feldman

Richard Feldman recounts the history of the Auto Industry, in Detroit - Interview.

1/3 of the city is now vacant land.

The tour takes you into the areas where factories once stood, where dreams of Americans - middle class, honest, working class families, had nothing but a great future ahead

I think its important that everyone who saw and appreciated the Chrysler Ad, also see what has happened and why.

The video certainly doesn’t contain every detail about it, but it’s people like Richard Feldman who talk about the history and also about the future of rebuilding, not only Detroit - but the country.

Detroit is just the foundation, and until we rebuild the Motor City - the rest of the country will follow what you see in the video..

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  1. thompson425 said:

    Yea, it is funny that a city with so much history is about to become the worlds biggest ghost town. The car industries history should be well kept.

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